College freshman planning to study art

Many people have asked me what I want to do with academics as it seems to be my calling. Well to a point they may be right as academics have always came easy to me and I have decided that in the fall I will be attending NYU but still I don’t think I want to be a pure academic. So many people ask if I will be a teacher or something that stays purely with academics. The truth is I want to be challenged I want a career with my degree that I can be proud of. I’m passionate about art and am choosing to study studio art as my major. I want my education to hone in my skills for the art as it does challenge as well as interest me I love it. Academics do treat me well and I have full scholarships and it will provide me with the skills I need for a career as an artist as many people that have training have a much better chance most of the time. Many people have looked at me weird when I said that I’m studying to be an artist as most would expect chemist or something else like a teacher due to my excellent grades but what isn’t realized is academics are important to me and the arts require it just as much as anything else. The fact I have been academically blessed is amazing and I plan to use it to my best ability but I am an artist and through academics of the arts I know I will succeed

Excited to Get a Better Education

Whenever I’m in school I feel better about myself. I am meeting more people, I am learning new things, and I know that learning more will help me get ahead in life. I am excited to get a better education and earn a degree because I want to get a better job, make more money, and be able to have the life I really want. I do not want to worry about paying my bills. I want to feel like I make enough money to not only live, but to thrive and excel. I want to buy a house one day. I want to have enough money in savings so that I can plan to go on vacations. I want to also be able to save enough money to put my children through college one day. It would also be nice to be able to buy my children a car as well. I would also like to have enough money to invest.

I once read that the top two stresses in life are money and job because they can affect every aspect of life. When I do not like my job, it affects my everyday life. I do not feel excited or happy to go to work. The drive to work becomes tougher and I just feel less satisfaction in my life. However, when I have a job I am happier with, all parts of my life benefit. I am happier when I spend time with friends and family and they feel happier to be around me. This is just another reason why I am excited to get a better education. It will not only improve my financial and career situation, but it will improve my social and personal life as well.

I do know that getting a degree or certificate can make a big difference in whether a person is hired for a good job or not. I know that Human Resource managers receive countless resumes everyday. They look for specific things like education level and experience. If they see certain degrees or certificates they tend to consider those resumes over resumes without education or experience.

I want to put myself in a position to always be put at the top of the pile when it comes to which resumes Human Resource managers love. I am excited to get an education because I know that well educated candidates have recruiters looking for them. I want to set myself up so that when I get my degree I will have several job offers that I can choose from. I do not ever want to worry that I do not have enough education or enough skills for any job that I really want to get. Job hunting can be tough, but if I have recruiters coming after me, looking to hire me, that just helps make my life that much better. I will have a better chance to negotiate a great salary and I will feel less stress. Excited to start!

Leave Your Old Career in the Dust

Many people drop out of high school or simply get a high school degree and don’t have any interest in going to college or getting a degree of any kind. What inevitably ends up happening to these individuals is they typically will look for a job and end up taking a minimum wage type job and live paycheck to paycheck. Right out of high school this can seem like a decent way to go, but many people just end up here by default and then get stuck in the life they’re living. The problem with going this route is that there truly are few options of raising your hourly wage up to a standard that you can live a comfortable life on. To add to the struggle, many people end up having kids or develop other responsibilities that they must attend to on top of their full time job. When faced with this situation, a ton of people just don’t feel like they have another option but to trudge forward with the life they’ve been living. The bills must be paid and they don’t have the education to get a better paying job and it may seem ludicrous to these people to attempt to get a degree on top, due to the lack of time.

The beauty of the technological age that we live in today is there are tons of options available that anyone can utilize to get a degree around their other obligations. In the past, people would have to go to school and work their life obligations around them, but the plethora of online universities, as well as schools that have night and weekend classes have made it very easy to find the time. Even if you only have a few hours a week, you can still likely add on one class a quarter and it should only take a handful of years to get your degree.

Once you get your degree you will start to see the shift in perspective from a “job” to a “career” and have all sorts of doors open up to you. It has been proven that over a career, those who have obtained a bachelor’s degree will end up earning over a million dollars more than if they had not gotten their degree. This roughly breaks down to about twenty five thousand extra dollars a year, or more, which is particularly shocking when you consider that a minimum wage job in the United States hovers somewhere around twenty thousand dollars a year. Theoretically, earning a degree will more than double your monthly and yearly income.
When you look at a career in this light, the struggle, effort and money that it takes to get a degree starts to look more palatable.
Yes, it may be time consuming and cost a lot of time, but in the end you are truly going to make a lot more money and you’ll probably feel a lot better about yourself. Anyone that is interested in furthering their education to benefit their career is on the right track and is strongly advised to continue on their path to higher education.

My Nursing Education is Ahead

I never imagined that I could get excited about getting an education but to my surprise I am more than eager to get started in college. I am 31 years of age and lived a lifestyle most wouldn’t ever dream of living. But I knew two years ago after giving birth to my son that something had to change. In two years I am proud to say that I will a LPN working in a hospital helping others!

It was very challenging and excited being accepted into this educational program. To make me feel even better on the inside, I was one of only 35 students who passed the entrance exam! Talk about a nice boost to the confidence. My classes will officially start in September. I know that it is going to be hard because anything worth having is difficult. But I also know that it will all be worth it.

I have already purchased all of my books and have began looking through them. Nothing wrong with getting a head start since there is so very much that I am going to have to learn. I see Anatomy and Medical Terminology as my biggest challenges thus far. I’ve been getting lots of helpful tips and suggestions for making it easier however.

I have such a big heart and nothing means more to me than being able to help others. I want to make a difference in the world and be that nurse that patients love to see coming. I want to help patients with their medical needs, but I also want them to know that there is someone there who cares for them and their well-being. This is a job that will allow me to do just that. Plus, I can always go back and earn an RN Degree if I choose. One day I want to do this, too!

This is an exciting journey. It is one that I never thought I would make but am beside myself to be putting into action. In two years you’ll be looking at a nurse! I hope to be able to help you one day if you ever need it. What are nurses for?

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