I’m Learning Something Truly Interesting and Satisfying

Ever since I was in middle school, I have enjoyed doing things that help other people. Through the years, I have done volunteer work for various charitable organizations, and I work at a daycare center, here in Texas.

One of my cousins works as an occupational therapy assistant, and she really loves her job. For years, she’s been saying that she thinks I would also enjoy doing that type of work. Due to her urging, I began looking up OT assistant programs in Texas.

My cousin, who lives in Florida, says that her life changed for the better, after she looked up OT assistant schools in Florida. She graduated from an occupational therapy training program, and works at an out-patient clinic.

After thinking about it for a while, I recently decided to enroll in a two-year occupational therapy assistant program at a local state college. I’m very glad that I made the decision to receive a specialized education. The sense of personal satisfaction and higher income that come with a degree make the effort all worthwhile.

I have to say, it feels so good to be getting an education in something truly interesting and satisfying. An area of special interest that I hope to pursue, is providing occupational therapy to senior citizens.

Although I enjoy working at the daycare center, the pay there is low. When I graduate from the occupational therapy training program and receive a degree, I will be able to earn much more money than I earn now.

While I was surfing on the Internet recently, I came across the page Healthcare Occupations : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On that page, I read many facts and statistics regarding the profession of occupational therapy assistant.

Just for fun, I also looked up occupational assistant programs in other states, such as OT assistant programs in New York. I learned that there are plenty of training programs available in many communities, and that the job outlook for graduates of occupational therapy training programs is quite good.

Excited to Go to Physical Therapy School

I am really excited to be going after my California physical therapy license. I have recently decided to go back to school and I have been telling all my friends and family. Luckily, everyone has been very supportive of me. I am just so excited to finally be going after my dream career and making more money!

I had looked into this website: www.bestphysicaltherapycolleges.co/colorado/ because I was thinking about moving to Colorado. The weather and scenery is so nice. I have friends who live there also, but I just love California.

I had also looked at this website: http://dhmh.maryland.gov/bphte/sitepages/home.aspx because I have family on the east coast, but I have never lived where it snows and am not sure if I’d like it. I have been in California ever since I was a little girl.

Now that I am certain I am going to a school in California for physical therapy I have a lot of things to think about. I need to get prepared. I need to start thinking about how I will be able to fit study, a full time job, and hopefully some semblance of a social life in the middle of it all. I do realize it is possible, but it will take a bit of thinking and planning on my part. I am not complaining, I am just trying to be practical and prepare myself so that I take my education seriously and study hard. I need to get out of my party mode and into a more studious mode.

The more I think about starting school, the more excited I get. Me actually, finally going after my dream career. It is an incredible feeling. Plus, the higher salary does not hurt to think about either. Being able to finally afford the finer things in life and not having to live paycheck to paycheck are great incentives. I am not complaining at all.

I am also excited to be in school among other like-minded people. Being around people who have the same career in common will just help me stay focused, motivated, and excited about what the future holds for me. It will make studying easier and it will hopefully allow me to mix school and a social life all in one. It is hard to meet new people right now at my job. I start at the same time every day and leave at the same time. I get home feeling pretty tired and just stay in most nights, so going back to school will give me a chance to meet new people. I know going back to school will be a great experience all around.

I once read that it is important to think about what you want the most because what you think about the most comes into your life. Using this idea I am going to write down my goals so that I have a clear idea of what I am going back to school for every day. I believe this will also help keep me motivated.

College freshman planning to study art

Many people have asked me what I want to do with academics as it seems to be my calling. Well to a point they may be right as academics have always came easy to me and I have decided that in the fall I will be attending NYU but still I don’t think I want to be a pure academic. So many people ask if I will be a teacher or something that stays purely with academics. The truth is I want to be challenged I want a career with my degree that I can be proud of. I’m passionate about art and am choosing to study studio art as my major. I want my education to hone in my skills for the art as it does challenge as well as interest me I love it. Academics do treat me well and I have full scholarships and it will provide me with the skills I need for a career as an artist as many people that have training have a much better chance most of the time. Many people have looked at me weird when I said that I’m studying to be an artist as most would expect chemist or something else like a teacher due to my excellent grades but what isn’t realized is academics are important to me and the arts require it just as much as anything else. The fact I have been academically blessed is amazing and I plan to use it to my best ability but I am an artist and through academics of the arts I know I will succeed

Find Information on Massage Therapy in Various States

Massage therapy is one of the choice careers that you may engage in. It is a popular career choice and one that you can use when you are looking for a career that will help you gain a monetary advantage in your life, and also help others. You can go to massagetherapynerd list of top massage schools. It may be one of the options you can look for when you are trying to find the choices you need to get the training in massage you are looking for.

One of the options you may find in Ohio would be http://massagetherapynerd.com/ohio This can give you information on the programs that are in Ohio. It will give you information about the types of programs you can consider, and that will lead to certification and future employment. Those who wish to investigate programs in Ohio can look at this site for the career options they need. Get the information you can utilize to make a good decision about massage.

You can investigate spa therapy online UT and lerarn about the career options you need. It is one of the choices that are available for practitioners. It is just a way to look at various massage programs that might be a possibility for you. Working in a spa can be a valuable alternative for those engaged in the practice.

Those who are in Maryland can use one of the following websites for information:
MD Massage – Home – Department of Health and Mental Hygiene this can give you some of he information you need in regard to massage certification in Maryland. It is one of the great sites to use. Make sure that you get the certification that comes your way when getting the information you need in the state. This is one of the options you can utilize as a resource if you try to get massage training in the state.

Excited to Get a Better Education

Whenever I’m in school I feel better about myself. I am meeting more people, I am learning new things, and I know that learning more will help me get ahead in life. I am excited to get a better education and earn a degree because I want to get a better job, make more money, and be able to have the life I really want. I do not want to worry about paying my bills. I want to feel like I make enough money to not only live, but to thrive and excel. I want to buy a house one day. I want to have enough money in savings so that I can plan to go on vacations. I want to also be able to save enough money to put my children through college one day. It would also be nice to be able to buy my children a car as well. I would also like to have enough money to invest.

I once read that the top two stresses in life are money and job because they can affect every aspect of life. When I do not like my job, it affects my everyday life. I do not feel excited or happy to go to work. The drive to work becomes tougher and I just feel less satisfaction in my life. However, when I have a job I am happier with, all parts of my life benefit. I am happier when I spend time with friends and family and they feel happier to be around me. This is just another reason why I am excited to get a better education. It will not only improve my financial and career situation, but it will improve my social and personal life as well.

I do know that getting a degree or certificate can make a big difference in whether a person is hired for a good job or not. I know that Human Resource managers receive countless resumes everyday. They look for specific things like education level and experience. If they see certain degrees or certificates they tend to consider those resumes over resumes without education or experience.

I want to put myself in a position to always be put at the top of the pile when it comes to which resumes Human Resource managers love. I am excited to get an education because I know that well educated candidates have recruiters looking for them. I want to set myself up so that when I get my degree I will have several job offers that I can choose from. I do not ever want to worry that I do not have enough education or enough skills for any job that I really want to get. Job hunting can be tough, but if I have recruiters coming after me, looking to hire me, that just helps make my life that much better. I will have a better chance to negotiate a great salary and I will feel less stress. Excited to start!

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